Lynette Chiu | Writer + Strategist



I’m a Bay Area-bred, Brooklyn-based writer and strategist with 13 years of experience working with companies large and small seeking to stand out in their categories. 

How I Work
I consistently ground my approach in storytelling, surfacing and honing the stories that guide what to say and how to say it, and translating business goals into content that meets users where they are. I champion writing as an essential component of design and collaborate closely with team members to streamline and strengthen every interaction, while injecting wit and personality wherever possible. I believe that all writing is strategic, that words are powerful and pliable things, and that one can be concise without sacrificing energy and emotion.

I lead with a focus on cohesiveness and authenticity, and have owned the writing practice within interdisciplinary teams. Often the only writer on staff, I'm used to lending a writer’s eye to every phase of a project, working independently, and being the person who shepherds all the words to the finish.

How I Got Here
My career trajectory has been unconventional, but is in line with my near obsession with constant growth through (mostly) measured leaps. I first cut my teeth writing for teens and tweens, have dipped into pharma writing and journalism, and evolved into a strategist as I continued to work for agencies with very diverse client lists. I went freelance so that I could undertake a Masters degree that’s a mouthful to explain, and on the side teach writing at Columbia’s Mailman School of Public Health. I also trajected myself into Hong Kong in 2009, where I stayed almost three years and tumbled out with fresh awe at language’s possibilities.

How I’ve Decided to Wrap Up This Bio
When not testing the elasticity of English, you’ll find me photographing amusing text, plotting my next escape from New York, or poking around junk stores for weird old things. 


Long- and short-form copywriting, brand and messaging strategy, content strategy, voice and tone development, copy editing, proofreading, fact-checking, workshop facilitation, interviewing, crossword puzzles, serial comma insertion  


U.S. Department of State J William Fulbright Fellowship, Hong Kong, 2009-2010
Columbia School of Professional Studies Experiential Learning Scholarship, 2018
Effie Award: Finalist, Restaurants, 2016
One Show Design Merit Award, Corporate Identity, 2012
Red Dot Award, Communication Design, 2011