Lynette Chiu | Writer + Strategist
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Adtaxi Digital Marketing: Content Strategy and Website

Roles: Content Strategist, Copywriter
Agency: Sequence

Adtaxi is a leader in digital marketing, boasting proprietary technology and the expertise to create tailored solutions for clients that lead to conversions. It was undertaking an extensive rebrand, changing its name from Adtaxi Networks to Adtaxi, adopting a completely new design system, and turning its website into a vibrant hub showcasing its offerings and approach. Once Sequence had created a new visual identity and brand guidelines, I worked closely with the VP of Marketing to get the website strategically organized and written.

I did a thorough audit of the existing site in order to determine what needed to change in content structure, voice, and overall narrative. Here’s what the homepage looked like:


The dark colors cast a pall, and the copy skimped on storytelling and emotion, and didn't speak effectively to the brand's audience. It didn’t speak directly to an audience at all, with no use of “you” (“Adtaxi drives revenue for media groups and advertisers”). Its precise offerings were unclear. The company mostly referred to itself in the third person, adding another layer of impersonality, and there were few calls to engage or get in touch.

Armed with those observations, I revisited all the work Sequence had done, combing through stakeholder interviews to surface business and strategic objectives. I asked clarifying questions about the company and the site’s goals and audience, and scoped out competitors’ positioning. I then articulated back to the client what I had gleaned as Adtaxi’s differentiators:

• Holistic, multi-channel, strategic and innovative approach
• Wide scope of expertise and platform agnostic
• A one-stop shop that truly partners with and supports clients
• Data-driven and smarter about metrics than the other guys
• Magellan(tm) owned technology
• Optimized for scale, precision, and sophistication

Sequence had taken a preliminary stab at a new site map, and I made tweaks to it based on my learnings, as well as what assets (i.e. case studies, white papers) Adtaxi could have ready by the desired launch date. I then proposed the focus and desired user action within each major site area. For the homepage, the goals were to convey clearly and immediately what services Adtaxi provides and to whom, bring up its deep expertise and real results, and provide clear wayfinding that would steer users into the next logical site area to explore. The audience should also get an impression from the site’s language and tone that the company is smart and friendly, thinks differently, and has a genuine desire to connect with them. 

Next, I wrote a content outline, establishing talking points page by page and module by module. I prioritized messages and kept the audience’s key concerns in mind. Going into this level of detail on talking points was meant to streamline the copywriting phase and help the client look at each page’s cadence of content without getting too into the craft of the words. Here’s how I organized the content in the Our Solutions section:


Once that was all approved, I wrote the copy for the entire site. Here’s the homepage, and several more pages with individual notes.


As with every About page, Adtaxi’s was an opportunity to amp up its vision and commitment to customer success. The previous About page employed a timeline graphic that didn’t tell an inspiring story of growth or advance its brand promise:

Screen Shot 2019-02-28 at 4.00.49 PM.png

The one I wrote made things a lot simpler and contained as much aspirational language as company history.


The copy for the Our Insights page continues to emphasize Adtaxi’s strong sense of self, presenting more proof of the company’s prowess in the digital marketing space.


With its shiny new exterior, a direct and confident voice, and impeccably organized website (insert toothy smile emoji), Adtaxi had everything it needed to stride into its next chapter.